Our Story

A Call To Service

From early childhood, I have believed you can aspire to the greatest heights you choose with guidance, the right actions, discipline and helping others.

The only certain future of prosperity and peace is the one you create, yet young people get into the race without a game plan. The major challenge of youths irrespective of social status and gender is purpose.

I take a stand to use my resources to ensure that youths are taught to build a purposeful and creative mind requisite for success and accomplishment. Youths are key to the sustenance of society and must be able to fully manifest their excellence. That is why I chose to help shape the young generation through entrepreneurship education.

With my experience in the banking industry and a master’s degree specialization in entrepreneurship, we engaged youths in high schools (Public & Private Institutions) and budding entrepreneurs.

The challenge was how we help in a high-impact way that youths can use our message to optimize their gifts and opportunities to create innovative products and services to serve the marketplace and become financially independent. It was obvious that our approach needed to be holistic.

Consequently, we expanded our work to include the following strategic action programs:

  • Specialized entrepreneur development training and workshops
  • Smart library deployment to high schools and communities
  • Read & Earn challenge
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • Mentorship & Internship

As our impact keeps on increasing, I am encouraged and committed to our mission to shape the young generation through entrepreneurship education, kindle entrepreneurial competence, drive innovation and end unemployment.

I trust that you will join us, to enable us to raise our ambitions and tackle the most important problems.

Omamuzo Egwerome